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Bun Meat & Cheese

Craft Bun Meat & Cheese Beer Bundle | Craft Beer Bundle

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This DIY Burger & Beer Bundle is just the perfect combination for whenever you are craving to make your own burgers at home. You can't go wrong with the Burger & Beer combo because they were made for each other! 

Each Bundle comes with:

  • 2 x Sets of Homeburg Prototype #1 with Condiments of Bun Meat & Cheese
  • 2 x Craft Beers Styles of your Choice

So be sure to order your sets and we'll deliver them out to you every Wednesday

*As orders come from different locations we also try to keep your goodies chilled & protected at all times, so to keep all of them in perfect condition.

*As for the Craft Beer Style once you have chosen your preferred style we will inform you by email of the beers you'll receive to pair with your burgers!