5 Wines to Try - August Edition

5 Wines to Try - August Edition

Valhalla is getting into the 5 Wine's to Try for this month of August whether that be the trending Cabernet Sauvignon, refreshing Sauvignon Blanc or the full Bordeaux. We're here to share our thoughts and give some insight into some of our best picks of August.

5 Selected Wines For You!

1. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc

One of the most iconic wine's from Marlborough, New Zealand. This 13.2% Sauvignon Blanc is a hit for wine lovers and highly sought after to get stocked within their cool fridges. It has a dry but citrusy taste & heavy grapefruit aroma, which makes it such a great summer wine (where as we know in Thailand is forever!).This wine pairs well with Seafood, Vegetarian & Goat Cheese Dishes!

Price - 2,499 Baht

2. Chateau Clerc Milon - Bordeaux

A famous Bordeaux with a high tannins, acidity & complex flavour profiles of exotic spices, graphite where it is built to age! Its creamy & silky finish is definitely one to try but do keep in mind to let it breathe for awhile before tasting. This wine pairs well with beef, lamb & poultry dishes!

Price starts from - 5,499 - 7299 Baht (Depending on Vintage_

3. Escudo Rojo - Cabernet Sauvignon

A great wine from Chile with very rich tastes, very dry but also abit of acidity in the last touches. It's deep dark red & earthy tones do make this one wine to search out for! This wine pairs well with beef & venison dishes!

Price - 1,199 Baht

4. Penfolds Bin 389 - Cabernet Sauvignon

Often referred to as the 'Baby Grange' but its deep and exciting flavours that come from the bottle of blackberry & raspberry. It has a smooth and full body finish, although it comes with a hefty price tag this is one of the best wine's to drink all year round. This wine pairs well with beef, lamb & poultry dishes!

Price - 3,599 Baht

5. Bad Boy - Bordeaux

Red Wine. 95% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Franc. On the nose, the showcases a fragrant bouquet of dark cherries, bergamot, and light stony scents. The palate is driven by dark red fruits like mulberry and red plum. The wine is medium-bodied with slightly coarse tannin, and a healthy kiss of spice towards the finish.

Price - 2,299 Baht

So there we have it, these are the latest 5 Wines to seek in August for you! Ofcourse there are more to look for which you can see on our site, and let us know which you think should be in the next list for September! Remember at Valhalla, we may have some wine ready for delivery and others in a pre-order stage due to scarcity of these rare bottles! So when they are in stock be sure to get them quick!

So just let us know and order up to keep your fridges stocked with the greatest wine selection!

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