A Beginner's Guide for Red Wine

A Beginner's Guide for Red Wine

What is Red Wine?

Red wine is the fermentation of fruits. Crushing the grape skins, grape pips, and seeds during the fermentation process give this alcoholic drink red color. To uniquely extract all the significant ingredients and senses including scent, color, and acerbity from fruits, red wine is fermented at high temperatures. The alcohol content of red wine usually falls between 9%-15%.

Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Apart from typically giving a comfortable atmosphere on the table, red wine has other benefits. Many of you probably acknowledge that drinking alcohol in moderation will be beneficial to your health. So does red wine! If you balance drinking, it will help enhance your health like increasing blood-flow and circulation in your body. Usually, it's recommended to drink one to three drinks per day for the best health benefits. Today, we gather the benefits of drinking red wine for drinkers right here. 

  1. It reduces the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
  2. It has antioxidants which slow down the cellular functional impairment. 
  3. Melatonin in grape skin can help you sleep easily and better. 
  4. It prevents cholesterol from clogging your arteries. 

5 Good Red Wines For Beginners

1. Penfolds 389

The Bin 389 was first produced in 1960 by the legendary Max Schubert. Red wine has been a huge contributor to Penfolds' reputation. Bin 389 is full of berries like blackcurrants, chocolate, and tobacco leaves. The taste is very rich while keeping an excellent overall balance. You can drink it whenever you want. Real wine lovers can't miss this one!

2. Beringer Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Indulge in Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Brand Beringer with 14.5% alcohol. Moderate tannins with moderate acidity, so not that astringent. Imported from the USA. The combination of Cabernet Sauvignon grape and cherry plum gives a warm and cozy vibe. Balancing in ingredients with different flavors makes this wine so amazing.

3. Penfolds Bin 2

Bin 2 Shiraz, red wine from Australia. First introduced in 1960, 14.5% alcohol. Tannin and Acidic are moderate levels. The main ingredients are from the Shiraz and Mourvèdre (Mataro). Rich in taste and aroma of cherries and spices. Very mild which makes it easy to drink. Recommend for the beginners who have just started their wine journey.

4. Beringer Private Reserve Chardonnay

Private Reserve Chardonnay Wines from Napa Valley, USA. 14.8% alcohol. Chardonnay grapes are fermented in French oak barrels. You can smell crème burley and Citrus fruits. It has a little astringency which gives freshness and vitality and quite a variety of feelings as well. Worth exploring the new taste with Private Reserve Chardonnay. 

5. Matua Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc, an imported New Zealand wine with a light alcohol level, 13%, made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape. It's the Dry style with a relatively high acidic essence. Give you a citrus-like flavor with tropical fruits such as kiwis, mangoes, and pineapples. Perfect if pairing with Vegetarian or Risotto. Easy to drink and very refreshing.

All of these are what we consider the great tasting wines. Perfect fit for drinkers who just kick off their wine journey. Because wine is meticulous in production, drinking each of them one by one will give you different experiences in terms of tastes and feelings. All of these are available at Valhalla. Deliver all over Thailand.

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