5 Most Sold Out Craft Beer

5 Most Sold Out Craft Beer

5 Most Sold Out Craft Beer

For those who enjoy drinking and always looking for new tastes of beer, craft beer would not be the one that comes to mind for sure. The novelty of craft beer shares exhilarating savers and unique experiences. Plus, there are a great number of brands, flavors, and styles to choose from as well as new flavors always coming out for the drinkers to explore. Valhalla, right here, draws the best-selling craft beers up for you! 

5 Best Selling Craft Beers

1. Blonde Belgo 

The Blonde Belgo has 5.9% ABV, 19 IBU. It is a Belgian Blonde style craft beer made from two kinds of malt and two kinds of hop, resulting in a difficult-to-imitate flavor. Try taking a sip on your relaxing days, you'll be loving it! This beer is similar to the Hoegaarden Original but better!

2. Batsquatch 

IPAs are the best fit for those starting out in the Craft Beer World. Its color is light yellowish brown and its flavor hoppy & fruitful. Full of fruit flavors like oranges and peaches. With 6.7% ABV 54 IBU, it's not too bitter which makes it super easy to drink! 

3. Lervig SuperSonic: DIPA

With the intensity of Citra hop and 8.5% ABV, it makes Lervig SuperSonic DIPA intense in all its senses. A touch of tartness from the Citra hop, lemon peel, and scent from pineapple and mango, even with one sip, it can make you feel invigorated from head to toe. Taste rich until the last drop. Make sure you don't miss it.

4. Chocolate Stout Nitro

This craft beer is a full-bodied stout beer with rich chocolate, coming with 5.8% ABV, 69 IBU. By adding nitro into it, it gives the beer creamy and smooth foam. This one, it feels like you drink and get tipsy from something like chocolate milk but it's actually a great stout!

5. Cherry

With just 3.5% ABV and 10 IBA, you can keep drinking it all day. Cherry juice blended with hops and malts making the beer a dark red color. You can always taste the cherry flavours when you drink it extra cold from the fridge. Imagine the sweetness and sourness of the fruit perfectly mixed in a good proportion. This beer is similar to the Hoegaarden Rose but better!

So there we have it, these 5 craft beers unfolded for you! But remember there are actually many more Craft Beer styles out there waiting for all types of drinkers to get hyped up. Remember, always go out for new experiences! No matter what kind of tastes you like and what kind of national beers you love, at Valhalla, we keep your brews chilled & ready for you every day to deliver it fresh anywhere you need in Thailand.